The  Mini Crow

The CROW collection.

After 1,5 year of traveling the world in search of
inspiration, the softest material and best craftsmen,
we are super excited to share that our first bag
collection, named ‘The Crow’, is a fact.

“By introducing ‘The Crow’ bags, I want to show my love for classic items in your wardrobe. I developed a timeless bag collection in natural material which becomes more beautiful by time, as it ages instead of fades. Just like my jewelry.”

- Merrel Westhoff

Founder & creative director

The Crow Bag
The Crow collection
The Crow Bag
The Crow JR
The  C R O W
Meet the ' C R O W ' collection.

‘I like to see my jewelry as sort of talismans that protect you on the big journey called life. That’s why I call them soldiers. The most important thing in life is doing what you love and I feel fortunate to do so.'

- Merrel Westhoff

"Monocrafft has this beautiful energy – it’s got an edge but it’s sensual at the same time; this almost tribal, artisan energy to each piece Merrel creates,  it’s almost like this delicate armour for women." - THE FILE

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