Meet the soldiers of the 
S I L V E R  L I N I N G 

'Dreaming with open eyes. Floating alone high up in the night sky surrounded by universe’ time-traveling diamonds we call stars. In these moments my imagination grabs a pencil and starts drawing new life. This is when I get inspired. Endless spaces with acoustic vibrations, thoughts and make-believe create this whole new world.'

‘I like to see my jewelry as sort of talismans that protect you on the big journey called life. That’s why I call them soldiers. The most important thing in life is doing what you love and I feel fortunate to do so.'

- Merrel Westhoff

"Monocrafft has this beautiful energy – it’s got an edge but it’s sensual at the same time; this almost tribal, artisan energy to each piece Merrel creates,  it’s almost like this delicate armour for women." - THE FILE

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