"I hope my soldiers will conquer the world with their pretty faces and that people will love them just as much as I do." - Merrel Westhoff

Merrel Westhoff’s feminine and minimalistic signature is again very well represented in the latest Monocrafft collection ‘Hidden Canyons’. Each piece can be worn individually or combined to create a personal jewelry story.

Inspired by ancient patterns, architecture and the shapes of shadows, Merrel Westhoff has created Monocrafft from her own minimalistic style in jewelry design. Using sterling silver, 14 karat yellow gold and 14 karat rose gold for all handmade pieces.

Within the Hidden Canyons collection Monocrafft launched her first Men’s collection, consisting of three men rings, two men knuckle rings and one long necklace that can be combined with one of the rings as a pendant.

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