Monocrafft Launches New Jewelry Collection called ANCHORED

Monocrafft Launches New Jewelry Collection called ANCHORED

Monocrafft proudly presents her latest jewelry collection ANCHORED

The collection arose from Monocrafft founder Merrel Westhoff’s fascination for the famous surrealistic works of Dali. Dali once explained, “People love mystery, and that is why they love my paintings.” He used methods as scale distortion, anatomical exaggeration and anonymity to achieve this. After carefully studying his work, Westhoff found a way to incorporate these methods - especially the imperfect drawing lines - in her designs. This resulted in eleven separate art pieces.

Shot entirely on location in Salton Sea California, the spot evokes a ‘surrealistic‘ type of story that reflects what the ANCHORED collection stands for; rawness, distortion, but romantically brushed.  

Jennifer Kunes, Photographer ‘ For the ANCHORED campaign it was quite clear that it needed to be shot at the shore, but the tricky thing was to find a spot that was not your typical beach resort for tourists. At one point, we found out about Sealton Sea in California, somewhere described as - The ghostly remains of an accidental sea - Doesn’t this sound mysterious and raw? Exactly what we were looking for. And as you can see from the images the lighting is the absolute dream of a photographer’.

Merrel Westhoff ‘ I think this collection is my best work so far and I am extremely proud at the result. It has always been my goal to create pieces that don’t dominate over a look, but give it something extra in a subtle, contrasting way. “He or She becomes an anonymous sensual being” – Salvador Dali. If you look at the ANCHORED hoops for example, you see thin structures and lines, but you also notice the craftsmanship with the delicately bended material. As for the campaign, I can not begin to describe how much this place fits my vision. The lighting is perfect, the surrounding is tough, raw and surrealistic. Before the day of the shoot the team stayed at Slab City, an abandoned area where people live together in self-made houses in the desert, quite the experience. This is a story on it-self“