Merrel Westhoff

Merrel Westhoff

Inspired by ancient patterns, ethnic tribes, music and the shape of shadows, Merrel Westhoff has created her own minimalistic style in accessory design.

‘Monocrafft started out of a passion for precious materials and metalsmithing. I like to see my jewelry as sort of talismans that protect you on the big journey called life. That’s why I call them soldiers.

By introducing ‘The Crow’ bags, I want to show my love for classic items in your wardrobe. I developed a timeless bag collection in natural material which becomes more beautiful by time, as it ages instead of fades. Just like my jewelry.

The most important thing in life is doing what you love and I feel fortunate to do so. I hope my Monocrafft soldiers will conquer the world with their pretty faces and people will love them just as much as I do.’

- Merrel Westhoff -

Founder & creative director