Monocrafft Meets Comedian Patrick Laureij

Monocrafft Meets Comedian Patrick Laureij

Name: Patrick Laureij, Age: 35, Profession: Comedian, City: Amsterdam.

Monocrafft meets Dutch comedian Patrick Laureij on a cold and crispy afternoon in his hometown Rotterdam. Tall (1.94m), humble, open minded and beautifully dipped in a mix of his personal and our precious metals, we shot Patrick for our new story.

' I’ve always “talked” a lot with my hands. And as my confidence grew over the years, I felt that it's such a big part of who I am and how I portray myself and to embrace this feeling I started to wear these rings. '

Patrick wears the Monocrafft Men and Crow Collection.

Photography: Jennifer Kunes
Styling: Miquel Mohamedjar
Artist: Patrick Laureij